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13 Reasons Why Cameras Stop Recording Automatically

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Are you frustrated with your camera stops recording automatically? Do you wish it would just keep going and not stop at all? Well, I have some solutions for you! Let’s take a look.

This blog post will go over some of the most common issues that arise with camera recording, as well as potential solutions to those problems. Moreover, here we will discuss some troubleshooting tactics and tips for running your camera smoothly.

Why Does Your Camera Stop Recording Automatically?

Your camera could stop recording automatically because of many reasons, here we will talk about 13 of the most frequent issues people usually face. Let’s know them in detail.

1. Memory Full

When the memory is full, the camera will stop recording, and the red light next to the slot for your memory card will turn on. This happens because there is nowhere for the camera to store any more video. Therefore, the camera stops recording.

Solution: Delete old videos from your camera to free up memory space. You can do this by connecting the camera to a computer and deleting files on it. Or you can try using the menu options of your device’s settings panel.

2. The Battery is Dead/Low

When the battery is low or dead, the camera will stop recording, and your battery icon on the screen will turn orange. The battery cannot power enough electricity for video storage, so it shuts down to prevent a drain on itself. You must not worry if your battery is low because it just means you are going to need a new one soon.

Solution: If your camera has been turned on and off without warning, the battery will have drained significantly faster than normal. Plugin or replace the dead/low battery with a fully charged replacement as soon as possible! Make sure you charge up your device with an external charger before continuing to record videos.

3. The Camera is Over Heated

Long-time use of your recording camera end in a bad heat-up device. The camera Sensor can’t bear the heat and stop functioning properly. It might kill the power without any warning. Summer attendance is often the most common reason for this issue.

You can feel the heat when your filming is ongoing. You need to hit the solution paddle as soon as you encounter heat on your camera. Move through to the solution and get rid of this annoying problem.

Solution: You need to take immediate action once your feel excess heat on your camera body. You don’t need to wash it in water. And I mean don’t even think about it. You need to compare the camera body to the human one.

As we need rest after a few hours of hard work, cameras are also the same in this case. Let it rest at least for an hour before getting back to your shooting. If this is the reason for your camera to automatically stop recording then it will get back to business after that.

4. Sleeper Mode Activated

The camera has been modernized with time. New features get added in and ask for better comfort to the users. But that might also backfire if you don’t know the right way to use it. If your camera turns off automatically without any reasons which are mentioned above then you need to check for this one. Follow through with the solution and get rid of this problem.

Solution: Your camera is not broken. You just need to know the right settings of your device. Look out for the control panel and adjust the sleep mode. If it is activated then you need to turn it off to get rid of this issue.

On the other hand, if you are a beginner and not even capable of calling these troubleshoots then it is time to get back to the factory setting. You can set everything back to the default setting and you will be good to go. Take help if needed as most new generation seems to be experts nowadays.

5. Camera Bugs

Indeed, bugs can also be the culprit behind this reason. Well, that has pretty little to do with how you record with your camera.  Bugs can create abnormal behavior patterns in your video recording. The solution that you need to follow for this one is discussed below.

Solution: You don’t have much on hand when it is a bug issue. You need to check for the latest firmware update to make sure you are up-to-date. Bugs often get fixed with the latest updates so never miss that out.

You can also contact customer care and complain to them about the term. They will come up with a solution if it is a universal problem for the model. For personal bugs, you need to ask for a replacement in the call of your warranty/guarantee promise.

6. The Camera is Exposed to Extreme Temperatures

If you have left your camera outside in cold weather for a long period and have come back, the battery may stop working because it has been exposed to extreme temperatures. This happens especially if your device has been exposed to extreme temperatures for an extended period.

Solution: When the camera is too cold, it may stop working. Avoid capturing video outside in winter or bring your device inside to a warmer environment for an extended period. Make sure you are getting enough sunlight or warmth from other sources such as fireplaces.

If you face this problem frequently then replace your camera. There are many high-quality cameras for cold weather that work in any weather conditions.

7. The Lens is Dirty

The lens of a camera can get dirty with dust, sand, or water. If this happens, the camera will stop working because it can’t see clearly through the lens to record video anymore. If you have dirt, dust, or other substances on the camera’s lens, it will stop working properly.

This happens because these things interfere with the light coming into your device and can cause a blurry image or videotape that has lines all over it. A solution for this is to wipe the dirt off of your lens with a clean cloth.

Solution: To keep your device’s lens clean and function properly, you must use a non-abrasive cloth such as microfiber to wipe it off. Wipe off any dirt, dust, or other substances on the camera’s lens for it to work properly again! You can treat the lens using a cleaning solution if the problem persists.

8. The Camera is too Close to an Object, or There’s a Glare

If you are using your device and it suddenly stops filming, this may be because it has been directed at an object that is reflecting light into the lens of your camera, which causes glare on your videos. A fix for this is to angle your camera away from any objects reflecting light and then try again.

Solution: If the camera has been directed at an object that’s causing a glare on your videos, angle it away from these sources of light for you to stop recording! Or you can use a lens cleaner to help remove the glare.

9. The LCD Screen is Broken

If your device’s LCD screen has stopped functioning, it may be because it has been exposed to a lot of pressure or dropped. A solution to fix this problem is to replace the broken LCD screen.

Solution: If your LCD Screen has become broken, it may be time to invest in a new device with an entire screen or replace the broken one! You can try repairing the LCD screen manually by following the steps to fix a broken LCD screen with adhesive.

10. The Lens is Cracked or Shattered

Another possible reason your camera has stopped recording maybe because it’s been exposed to too much pressure and caused the lens in your device to crack or break. A solution for this problem is to replace a damaged lens!

Solution: If your lens has been damaged, get it replaced! And to make sure that the new one is functioning properly, take care of it and don’t expose too much pressure.

11. The Power Button is Stucked

Sometimes, when you try to turn it off and on again after changing batteries for the camera to work, this doesn’t work, and you’re unable to turn it off. A fix for this is that the button has been pressed down, which may be due to a piece of dirt or other substance in your camera’s power switch.

Solution: If the problem persists after changing batteries – open up your device’s battery door by unscrewing one screw using a precision Phillips Head Screwdriver. Then look for the power button in front of your camera inside the battery compartment and clear out any substances that are making it so you can’t turn off your device!

12. The Memory Card is Corrupted

If your camera stops working while recording, this may be because there’s been a virus or water damage that has corrupted the memory card. A solution for this problem is to format your camera’s memory card before you start recording again!

Solution: If your computer detects an error message while formatting, try using Disk Utility on Mac and use “fix permissions.” For Windows users, open up Command Prompt to make sure your device is formatted properly.

13. Water Damage

If your camera stops working while recording, this may be because it has been exposed to water or other liquid substances. A solution for this problem is to dry out the device and then try turning it back on!

Solution: If you suspect that there’s been a leak or breakage of any kind in your camera – make sure the area around it is dry and then try turning it back on. You can also replace the battery or take apart your device in order to clean out any substances that may be inside of it so you can get a longer use!

Steps to Troubleshooting  Your Camera When Stopped Recording

  • Check for debris in front of the lens (or anything else). Remove them if they exist.
  • Make sure there is enough battery life left before recording starts. Replace the battery with a new one if necessary.
  • Ensure the LCD screen is not damaged or broken and that it’s functioning properly before recording begins. Replace your device or the broken part as needed.
  • Check for any other problems on this list to see if they are related to why you’re unable to record video: objects in the lens, water damage on your card, and so forth.
  • Be sure that you have a memory card in your camera before recording begins.
  • Check for errors when formatting by using Disk Utility or Command Prompt depending on what operating system you are using. If there is an error message during this process – try fixing it manually with disk utility.
  • Format your camera’s memory card before recording starts if you have problems with the video not saving or it stops midway through.

Tips and Tricks for Recording Smoothly for a Long Time

  • Tips and Tricks for Recording Smoothly Make sure you’re not recording in low light, which can cause your camera to shut off or stop.
  • Use a tripod so that the camera is stable and doesn’t move around as much when recorded.
  • If objects are blocking the lens, remove them before continuing to record the video. They may be causing the camera not to record properly.
  • Don’t shoot videos or take photos in low light; this can cause your camera battery life to run out, and it’ll stop recording video automatically.
  • Keep the LCD screen clean so that you’re able to see what’s being recorded before playback later on after you’ve finished shooting!


We hope this article has helped you to better understand your camera and the common problems that may arise. Have you ever experienced that your camera isn’t turning on? If so, you can troubleshoot and fix your camera.

We’re at the end of the article, please feel free to reach out to us for any further help! Are there any other troubleshooting tactics or tips we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments below!

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